Eating in Paris Recommendations

Sur la Rue du Nil – Frenchie wine bar


Rue de Charonne – Septime 


Rue de Charonne – Clamato (seafood)



Martell Cognac Celebrates 300 Years

Started under Louis the XIV, 300 years has passed since the birth of Martell Cognac.

To celebrate, the reception was at Versailles with 300 guests from all over the world. 

cognac cognac 2

Dior and I: Movie Review

I just saw a superb movie if you love the cutting of material, the brisling of the cloth, the creativity of the atelier, the passion of the designer, the flow of colorful silk, taffetas, organdi, tulle lying on the table and down to the ground. Suddenly
the scissors cut into it and give these new forms and shapes like parts of a puzzle.
I love the embroidery all done by hand and the sewing of pearls and beads one by one.
“Dior and I” worked for one project in Dior’s beautiful house in Trouville which is a museum now.
It overlooks the sea, it smells of flowers, it is elegant, intimate, calm and restraint.
No noise, no effusion of temper!
It’s Dior; it is his ever lasting presence!


Harvey: A Three-Tier Story

Harvey in Northern New Jersey – my cousins always watch the movies during the Christmas holidays. Every holiday I would sit with them in the den. It was cozy and it was nice to sit all together after a brisk walk and a long, copious dinner.
I started to love this invisible friendly rabbit then a few years ago, friends of mine invited me to the New Jersey shore at a house they were renting. Here on ther deck was a tall plain looking wooden rabbit with long ears. I fell in love with this rabbit. I would put him by the edge of the water as I went swimming, I would walk with him, and he was my friend.
I tried to convince the absentee owners through my friends to let him go with me and I would pay for that exchange but to no avail!! It was so sad. It was more than sad. It was deep. Something was beyond my comprehension.
Now a few years later, I am at an event to raise money for a scholarship fund that we, Dames D’Escoffier have created to help someone gifted in the Culinary Arts. I see in the store called Scarlet Alley a beautiful pink fluffy tall long eared rabbit. The new reincarnation of my Harvey!!!! It is a bit too expensive for my wallet so I think I am going to sleep on it
When I woke up I had a brilliant idea – you must always ask. It is my philosophy. There are 2 answers: yes or no. When you don’t ask, you have nothing. So I told the lady owner of the store over the phone my proposal. I cater 2 Moroccan feast dinners for her in exchange for Harvey. She said yes! The whole world was sunshine. It was sunshine, it was blue sky. Good Karma. The thread of life. I called my niece in New Jersey and then my friend in Philadelphia. We were all linked thanks to the newfound Harvey!

Harvey Harvey 2     Harvey 3

Story from the movie “My Greek Wedding”

Getting along, respecting others and our differences. I was so thrilled to see this movies again! Why?
Because the father of the bride says “He is a man who thinks every word comes from greek origin.”
But anyway, at his daughter’s wedding, he starts by saying that his son in law’s name, Miller means in Greek “apple ” ….!!!
and that his name means orange. It is not the same…it is different, but he smiles and says “but we are all fruit.”

Ballet X at the Wilma Theater

I have been so tired and feeling down that I kept trying to do something, so I went to the ballet X at the Wilma Theater. It was at 2:00pm on Saturday and I left by taxi in the snow and came back by taxi floating like on waves down Chestnut Street!!!
The ballet is superb especially the the first piece and the last one. The first is Talsikan – for me, the movements of the dancers and their crawling and crouching bodies were throwing me back into Cambodia with low movement close to the ground.   Those long strips of thin material sticking out of them or enrobing them or helping them manoeuver the real and the unreal made me think of bamboosticks, bamboo llanas!
The last one  with Guantanamera ,a song i love, a song of protest, freedom, joy no matter what, passion, the absurd in midst of the most beautiful, of suffering and being misunderstood as was La Lupe. I loved it so much. A song sung by Joan Baez!!!

Detective Story – I Need Your Help!

New Years Eve conversation: my mother was telling me again a story of the broach that she was given by my father before he died. He said if you were to be in need of money, it would fetch a very high price. It was given by members of the court of the Tsar of Russia. She was at a friend’s house in the suburbs of Tours during the heavy bombing of May 1944. She continued saying that 2 gentlemen came to her and demanded the brooch. She got scared and gave it away. One of these gentlemen was part of the Modigliani family who owned a few movie theaters in Tours and who subsequently moved to Morocco. I am very curious to know where the broach is. Any volunteers for detective work?

Austaropoces Dinosaur Found in Siberia – December 18, 2014

By Grandma Coucou
Illustrated by Trevor Haines

Grandma Coucou was picked up at the Fort Wayne airport by her son Jason on December 18th.
She was very proud to tell her that a bone density test was very good and she had no problem with austaropoces. Her son started laughing hysterically and explained to her that that’s not the way to pronounce the word and Grandma Coucou declared that that would be a new species of dinosaur and she would tell her grandson, Trevor to do the illustration. Here is the illustration and we are going to collaborate and create a book with the theme of all these famous dinosaurs that have been discovered and will be discovered in the near future.

Austaropoces dinosaur with his walker: