The People of Bangladesh

Please do not forget the people of Bangladesh who lost over 1,000 friends and family in the collapse of a factory.
They try to organize to make changes happen but a Woman Union leader was attacked and beaten.
Be generous. Please help someone. Merci.
I’ll be there mid January to lend some support.


Quoting the Int. NYT: Holding back the Sahara

In Senegal, they have been planting millions of new trees in order to stop the damage caused by over-grazing and climate change. “First proposed in 2005, the program linked Senegal and 10 other Saharan states in an alliance to plant a 15 km-wide, 7,100 km-long green belt to fend off the desert.”

Evergreen Cheese Shop

In order to help the project of the International Women Club of Philadelphia, I was walking up and down Chestnut Hill collecting gift certificates for the auction to help the Home of the Sparrow shelter for abused women and children. I want to thank my friend from Evergreen Cheese Shop for participating and helping a mother go back to school. Evergreen Cheese Shop donated a gift certificate to help Home of the Sparrow (shelter for abused mothers & children)Merci.

Milkhouse Farm

1I was very excited to be invited to participate in a country fair at Milkhouse farm. I had met Stefanie, the cheesemaker, at a gathering of Les Dames Escoffiers to whom she belongs. We did a program together at the Cook where she showed off her cheeses. I came to the fair, which took place near Boyertown. It was a beautiful sunny day with many different vendors showing off their wine, bread, cheeses, cakes, etc. All the food was free, it was a day of fun and great fiddle music. Thank you Stefanie for making it possible.

Symphony of Chicken and Their Sauces at the Cook

Once again, I was at the Cook on September 20th presenting a program of variations of chicken.

First came a country pâte.

Then a chicken with lobster bisque sauce following a chicken mole.

Then a vol au vent with chicken calvados cream sauce.

Dessert: crème brulée with raspberries and crème chantilly.

We cannot forget the cheese presentation offered by Stefanie from Milkhouse.

It was a pleasure listening to her and tasting her cheeses.


Walk, History, Food and Wine in Philadelphia

Chef Michèle Haines, a native of France, a certified Philadelphia guide, and an advocate of local fresh produce, can be your walking talking guide to Philadelphia. She will take you to unique shops and markets and reserve for you a very special treat in a restaurant. She will accompany you and introduce you to the chef and advise you on choices of food and wine and the history of Philadelphia.

For more information please contact Chef Michèle at or (610) 212-6096

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