I am Michèle Haines; teacher, mother, photographer, interpreter, chef. Most of all, I am someone who loves to create and communicate and make people feel good and have fun. For me, food creates this surge of energy to share with others.

I make brioches so often
I think they call me the “Brioche Queen” somewhere in the world! I love to make chocolate mousse, a very light like soufflé mousse, no pudding for me.

I toss omelets around the world. I carry my omelet pan with me so that I can, like a magician, pull it out of my bag and perform. I have made omelets with people in Siem Reap Cambodia, tea-pickers in Darjeeling, Slow Food Members in Honolulu, and with Peruvian herders in the dry cold plateau above Lake Titicaca. Everyone makes their own, and we have a lot of laughs when it falls next to the pan. The fillings vary based on the country we are in spanning from papaya salad to sweet rice to purple corn to sweet potatoes.

I also carry in my suitcase my crepe suzette pan. I can flip crepe all over the world and I sing along as we do in France for Shrove Tuesday. I have used my crepe pan around the world as I teach kids in schools or organize a fundraising program for a hospital. I have flipped crepes for a Friends Without a Border hospital started fifteen years ago by Kenro Izu, a famous photographer.

I have cooked Moroccan Tajine on Russian television, prepared fresh vegetables in schools in North Philly, flipped crepes and sung along with children in Vietnam, cooked beef wellington for members of Australian Parlement and the Consul General of the USA in Melbourne, performed a rabbit stew demonstration on a yacht,
and cooked chicken liver pate at a market place in Hobbart, Tasmania.

Food is endless in linking and helping and loving people. People congregate and talk to each other, sharing their ideas and dreams, and a richer life goes on with peace and understanding of our differences. You do not have to agree with me, I say vive la difference. Eat with me, drink with me, talk with me, and laugh with me.

Letter to Michele from Michelle Obama, 2010

Letter from Michelle Obama, 2010


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