Fashion and Terrorist Act

The NYT was supposed to have their Luxury Conference in Versailles last Tuesday but it was postponed. Many glamorous events were postponed or canceled. Chanel did not cancel.

Of course we feel guilty in front of sorrow and think we should not splurge… but the NYT makes a strong point “gold chains and handbags represent jobs, heritage, taxes and national identity.”

“In France 16,500 people work for the luxury industry.”

“The French luxury sales in 2014 were 25 billion.”

“The taxes on that can build many roads”

“The luxury items are sold in 6,500 stores around the world, making them ambassadors of French culture.”

“The conference which was postponed was the site of the extraordinary meeting of both The House and the Senate, called by the president. It had not happen since 2009 at the time of the financial crisis.”

“History, Luxury, Crisis, an ironic juxtaposition?”

“No, in this case, a meaningful one”

In addition we must not let the terrorist change our ways of life, our sitting at sidewalk cafés, our laughing in the streets hand in hand, our love of art, music and fashion. Of course it does not mean that we must forget security, safety, pain. We must share this traumatic experience and support each other, care for each other.

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