My Interview with Food Network and My Time in Hawaii

While in Hawaii where I’m cooking, I was interviewed over Skype to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner for Food Network. I fit the criteria since I’m a chef as well as a grandmother. They loved me, it went well! They want me to fly to LA to do the demonstration but I will be in France unfortunately. I cannot change it because I’ll be with my mother. It’s not officially over yet – they said they’ll see what they can do!

I love it here in Hawaii. I prepared bouillabaisse on the beach for Slow Food in Honolulu.
We went to the Farmer’s Market in Waialua. We live in Hauula by the sea but we will return to Honolulu on Monday.
I’ve prepared bisque, chocolate mousse, crepe, harissa and more. Tomorrow is the feast!!

Crab bisque moravian bouillabaisse crepe aux fruits creme chantilly honolulu slowfood

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