Harvey: A Three-Tier Story

Harvey in Northern New Jersey – my cousins always watch the movies during the Christmas holidays. Every holiday I would sit with them in the den. It was cozy and it was nice to sit all together after a brisk walk and a long, copious dinner.
I started to love this invisible friendly rabbit then a few years ago, friends of mine invited me to the New Jersey shore at a house they were renting. Here on ther deck was a tall plain looking wooden rabbit with long ears. I fell in love with this rabbit. I would put him by the edge of the water as I went swimming, I would walk with him, and he was my friend.
I tried to convince the absentee owners through my friends to let him go with me and I would pay for that exchange but to no avail!! It was so sad. It was more than sad. It was deep. Something was beyond my comprehension.
Now a few years later, I am at an event to raise money for a scholarship fund that we, Dames D’Escoffier have created to help someone gifted in the Culinary Arts. I see in the store called Scarlet Alley a beautiful pink fluffy tall long eared rabbit. The new reincarnation of my Harvey!!!! It is a bit too expensive for my wallet so I think I am going to sleep on it
When I woke up I had a brilliant idea – you must always ask. It is my philosophy. There are 2 answers: yes or no. When you don’t ask, you have nothing. So I told the lady owner of the store over the phone my proposal. I cater 2 Moroccan feast dinners for her in exchange for Harvey. She said yes! The whole world was sunshine. It was sunshine, it was blue sky. Good Karma. The thread of life. I called my niece in New Jersey and then my friend in Philadelphia. We were all linked thanks to the newfound Harvey!

Harvey Harvey 2     Harvey 3

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