Quote from the NYT: doggie bags clash with leftover attitudes

In France, it used to be that you could not take the rest of your wine with you but now you can thanks to the restriction on drunk driving. So, restaurants saw an interest in letting the customers take the rest of their wine home because this way, they can order more. Now, we’re talking about leftover food and it is starting very very slowly in France. It has to overcome the stigma of class and poverty. How can you be a distinguished CEO of a very large French company if you carry a little box containing two small pieces of filet mignon?! Any thoughts on the subject? I think it is great not to waste any food. For instance, yesterday I bought a delicious croque monsieur sandwich at High Street. It was huge, therefore I ate only half. I had the other half wrapped and I took it to the concierge of my building. It was still warm and she was delighted, so I think it’s a good idea and I do not have any feeling of inferiority or negativity about the act of taking the food that is rightfully mine.


One thought on “Quote from the NYT: doggie bags clash with leftover attitudes

  1. I found your blog while searching local restaurants (we recently moved to Conshohocken) – my husband has an amazing palate, and was in training at AI Philly till I got sick (MS) and he had to leave school – frankly I can’t imagine NOT taking home the remains of a meal I had enjoyed, and would imagine the chef would be flattered that I wanted to take it rather than toss it out!!

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