Alliance Francaise Dinner on Friday, September 26th, 2014

Alliance FrancaiseThe theme was in honor of Les Saveurs du Palais – a very good French movie where the President Mitterand is sick and tired of the conventional, heavy preparation of the regular menu offered by the regular staff chef. President Mitterand requests a woman chef from Southern France to come to the Elysees Palace to cook the kind of meals he ate in the days of his grandmother. You can imagine the conflict between the old establishment, macho chef and the liberal, independent woman chef. You can imagine how thoroughly I loved it and jumped up and down.

I prepared a special dinner for the Alliance Française on Walnut Street. I thank the chef of the Palm restaurant for helping me with using his oven for baking my coulibiac. We were a small group of people who love good food and the French culture. The menu was pâté de foie with truffles served in between a thin sheet of chocolate. Then came salmon in puff pastry with duxelles of mushrooms with a dill sauce. My Saint Honoré dessert collapsed in the car as I hit the break too hard, so I had to create a new dessert of an essence of chocolate with lemon curd in a custard lemon cake. Actually, the new creation was better than the original.



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