Wedding Day: Saturday, September 13th

It was a rainy day but it brings good luck. Kayla and Ezra had done a superb job of preparing their beautiful garden for the occasion with a tent and a path of straw over the wet grass to protect our heels. There were heel protectors distributed as you came into the house. The ceremony started around 4:30 and it was very moving to listen to Mike Simmons who administered the marriage. Then we proceeded to have the toast and to go to the food truck waiting for us at the end of the garden. The food was delicious with a variety of samples from different countries. The grand finale was a gorgeous and scrumptious croquembouche made by Patrick from Aux Petits Delices. Then the music started and everyone danced. I had a marvelous time dancing with my sons! To my surprise, my feet did not hurt. The weather turned to clear by 5:30 so we had rain and sun to make a perfect day. ezra and kayla Food truck garden Helping with my shoe Jason and Ezra 2 jason and ezra jason Kayla and Ezra kayla2 preparing The big moment trevormakeupMichele Tessa


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