A Story: Have you ever heard of Jason and the Argonauts?

Hopefully many people have. I was fascinated and happy to discover that Jason in the Greek myth arrived in Georgia in the part called Colchis. To refresh your memory, Jason and his friends the Argonauts came to Colchis country to get the golden fleece of the town called Vani. They came on a boat in the port of Poti. I was even more thrilled to read in the local Georgian paper that a gentleman, a famous British writer called Tim Severin, had revived the legend of Jason and had done again the trip that Jason did many many years ago. On July 1984, he arrived on a boat that he built to the specification. In July 2014, thirty years later, he repeated that voyage. I was lucky enough to be in Tbilisi. I asked the manager of my small hotel if she could arrange my meeting him and interviewing him and so she did. I  met Mr. Tim Severin. He allowed me 20 minutes to speak to him before meeting the president of Georgia. We talked about the meaning of those trips and the reason for such a trip. Mr. Severin looks at those trips and the meaning of searching for what is the limit between reality and myth while a man like Thor Heyerdahl in the Kon-Tiki travels looks at the migration of people. There is truth in the Golden Fleece in the sense that even now you can see people searching for gold in that region and some of the golden dust is caught by the wool fleece of their own sheep. I am very happy to have met this gentleman and to be in Georgia because my son’s name is Jason.

Mr. Severin told me a beautiful story as we were pondering about what influence we have, if any, on other people. He said the president of Georgia when he was a little boy was glued to the TV program that was on Soviet television called the Traveler’s Club with Yuri Senkevich as the anchorman. One day his mother said that Mr. Senkevich was in Tbilisi. The young boy jumped with pleasure and really wanted to meet him. The mother said if you learn English, then you will meet him. He never met him but he did learn English and became president of Georgia. Even in Soviet time, a man could influence a little boy’s mind to dream beyond the confine of Soviet regime.

Here is another free spirit who pursued his dream to the end: Anthony Smith


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