Trip to San Francisco, February 2014

I was just in San Francisco the first week of February, what a treat to be invited to create a dinner in a beautiful restaurant called Firefly. I was working with Chef Gabriel Sanders. I prepared brioche, chicken liver pate with truffles, and Moroccan lamb tagine. It was a rewarding experience. I connected with him through his aunt who used to be my student at Germantown Friends 42 years ago. I was staying at the friend’s house who is also a former student of mine from Germantown Friends. I connected also with an English friend who used to live in Philadelphia. Thanks to him, I tasted beautiful food from Tartine. I also went to a show typical of San Francisco. It has been running for 40 years, it’s a satire, vaudeville, and more. The show is called Beach Blanket Babylon. I was very lucky. I sat next to a couple in a very old theater with old red bucket seats. I was offered the wine list. The wine choice by the glass was not very good. I was thinking about the whole bottle. The lady next to me said, “What about sharing a bottle?” Beautiful reading of minds. In the end, her husband refused my money and said, “Welcome to San Francisco.” Thank you, San Francisco.

With Brad, the owner of Firefly

With Brad, the owner of Firefly

Cooking at Firefly

Cooking at Firefly

Eating thin crusted pizza at Almany farmer's market

Eating thin crusted pizza at Almany farmer’s market

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