Let’s be appreciative and grateful

I am so amazed as I push a button I can be at the Sochi games. Just like that! Isn’t it amazing!!!! Let’s not take it for granted!

I was never a sport fan in a real sense of the word, actually I do not watch much TV, but because of so much fuss about these games I became more outspoken about them. I am not very sportive, I do not go to sporting events much, but I respect and support what is good for people, for my friends for a link with the world, for helping, for understanding and respect and Peace.

So here I am, watching the inauguration and the beginning of the games… it is cold outside for me and here in my cozy corner it is divine with a glass of Loire Valley wine. I can’t help but think that even Monsieur Putin should be thanked for a good show!!! You must start somewhere to show you are really honest about trying… and I am. Merci Monsieur Putin!

Please all of us around the world let’s make it a successful and joyous event for everybody!

Chef Michele, the proud mother of Jason and Ezra

Unfortunately, with the news as they are in Ukraine, Monsieur Putin did not stay nice long enough.

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