Russian Class at Temple

I decided to take a Russian Class in order to be up-to-snuff when I cross Siberia and cook for these marvelous different Russian Chefs. I was allowed to sit-in different classes to evaluate my level. I enjoy being a student very much, sitting at the little semi-detached table-chair concoction–they are easy to move to get closer to your neighbor if you need help with some vocabulary.

The teacher is a young Russian lady, very attractive and very well-dressed. She has a great sense of humor and throws in, off-and-on, colloquial idiomatic Russian expression. She left us at Friday at 10 to 11:00 with the phrase: “Despite how much money you have, you can’t buy health.”

I look forward to my next lesson on Monday. I am glad one of my concierges is Russian, so I can get some help on my way to-and-from the Apartment.

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