My Mother

My mother lives in Tours, France and I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I visit my mother at least 4 times a year and I call her every other day. My mother was not feeling well a week ago, she had a cold. She is 92 years old, in good shape, does her own cooking, and lives alone in her apartment.

Her regular doctor came and told her she’ll be ok then 2 days later she felt worse and starts coughing. She calls him again and he comes and gives her antibiotics for 5 days. I feel worried since I am so far away. I called a friend of mine who lives in Tours (on my last visit to my mother I met up with him again after not seeing him for 32 years). He is a doctor now. He was the au pair for my children when we first met. I asked him to pay a casual visit to her and not to tell anything about me calling him (she knew him 32 years ago because she was the one selecting the people who were coming au pair, to help me with the children when I was teaching.)

Two days pass.

Meanwhile my mother felt sicker so she called an emergency service she belongs to. They came and they prescribed a stronger antibiotic. They asked her to have a blood test because she is out breath sometimes. Thanks to people I know upstairs in her building, she was able to get the prescription filled.

Today I called my mother who told me this story plus… how great to have a visit from my friend Pascal…!!! What a coincidence! He will come back today to check on her to make sure she is ok and does not need anything. I know she loves les bonbons caramel et chocolat!

Grandma GiGi

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