Hazon Food Festival at Congregation Rodeph Shalom

Theme: Liberty, Food and Justice

I chose to attend “Let them eat… Locusts.” It was echo kosher with lots of good protein and tasted like shrimp.

I attended “Vegetarian / Kosher cheese.” The older the cheese the more kosher it gets, but I was not impressed because I thought I was going to learn how to make kosher cheese but we did not.

I also attended “What is the definition of Kosher?” I found it very interesting how it went deep into the connections between the lives of humans, the lives of animals, and the way we treat them. Everything and everybody is linked, I love that concept. I know everything we do or not do influence and or hurts people and the earth, we must be conscious of our limits and that our acts have enormous far reaching impact.

I was very happy to participate and feel and meet other people who try to find a way to reach out and make the planet less vulnerable.

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