Recent Articles I’ve read

Thanks to the International Herald Tribune I am always very spoilt with new words.  Kate Manning makes me drool with pleasure when she offers an example from the Oxford English Dictionary such as “I’ll misguggle your thrapple! I’ll mashackerel ye to rights!” meaning “Ill choke you.” Her favorite is the dictionary the “Secret Language of Crime ” published in 1859 by the New York City police chief. Here are some of her favorite words: “shickster” (woman) which she proceeds to show us the closeness to “shiksa” in Yiddish and a “fen” is a common woman but in Ireland it is a boggy marsh!!! Read here:


I read a great article that made me feel so happy for the blind. A man named Perez snap beautiful pictures with his smartphone. Amazing! Apple has included in some of their features an assistive mode (the phone can say how many heads are in the picture and where they are in the framed). Read here:


Dinde à la Rockwell by Meg Bortin

It takes place in France. George Blanc, a famous French, chef is to cook a Thanksgiving dinner inspired by Rockwell’s 1943 painting “Freedom from Want,” it represents a family looking on a turkey brought to the table by the grandmother. It is war-time, the glasses on the table are filled with water only (hence no wine for the present feast). Read here:

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