Nizhny Novgorod: Arrival at the Airport

Nobody was there when we landed because the plane was too early. Then an elegant woman called Irena and her very cool daughter arrived and we went off in her daughter’s Mercedes to a friend s apartment where I would stay. I could not stay at Irena’s as planned because I really can’t walk up 6 floors many times a day any more!!!
The friend turned out to be this gorgeous, vivacious woman named Svetlana, tall, thin, cool and her daughter Julia who speaks English fluently. My Russian is coming back, I am so happy.
I had a beautiful room, the master bedroom, and she had moved to the sofa in the dining room/ living room/ kitchen. It is not a big apartment but the rooms are very spacious. There is also another bedroom for her daughter.
We talked and ate and went to bed. My schedule was very busy from the next day on, all planned by the government hospitality committee of Nizhny Novgorod.

To be continued


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