St Petersburg

I was very lucky to be picked up at the airport by Maxime, a famous Russian who specializes in reviving the old traditional cuisine of Russia, its culinary heritage and patrimony. He took me to my new friend Svetlana who is head of Slow Food St Petersburg. We sat at the table and ate a traditional dish baked in a ceramic bowl, made with kacha and meat dumpling and sealed with a dough and soup. I will describe the soup and name of the dishes when Svetlana comes back for authenticity.

We went shopping and we went to buy coins for the metro and get a map. We went to the center of town by subway. While there we walked the famous Nevsky Prospect Avenue and crossed a river. People are well dressed in a relaxed kind of way, modern, high heels, short skirts, blue jeans of course, tight pants, and so on. We went to a place called Café Rubenstein. They had a nice menu and I chose salad verte and marinated salmon with a crisp Chablis. We had previously stopped in a wine bar to buy French wines.
The next day I went in town alone and rather late. It started to rain so I went inside the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood. It is very ornate, gilded church built in honor of Alexander the Second who was assassinated on this very spot.


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