A Dynamic Duo

What do you do when you lose your best teacher?

I mean, I have a teacher who helps me with my computer. She is more like my assistant for Calendars, Postcards, projects, mail, etc. She started years ago when she was a student at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. Now she is at the University of Delaware. She is the best! So, I MapQuest her address, I found a nice restaurant- Caffé Gelato (90 East Main St)- with fresh produce, decaf espresso, good wine, and the internet! So here we are. I drove down 95 South, I parked the car, and met my friend and teacher Lauren. We worked in the morning, in a nice little corner, table 26. We had lunch and then Lauren went to classes. Then we met again, table 26 was occupied so we had to do something about it. Anyway, we were given another table and they were very nice to give us an extension cord that runs above the wall to go to a plug that’s in the kitchen! I don’t know the table number. My concept of teamwork, with old and young, works very well. I recommend it highly. Voila –Michele


I started working with Michele during my freshman year of high school. Back then we would meet once a week to work on simple computer tasks like updating Spring Mill Café’s mailing list. Almost five years later and we are still hard at work making calendars of events, postcards, blogs, and various other projects. Today I am more of a personal assistant than a computer teacher. Although I am miles away at school our work has not subsided. In fact, we are now doing lessons here in Delaware! Even though I am very busy with my classes and extracurricular activities I do my best to set aside time to work on our projects. I have learned so much from Michele over the past few years and I am thrilled that she’s kept me on board this long to witness her many adventures. -Lauren

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