Story from my teacher Claudia

I think it’s long over due that I give credit to my teachers. Claudia is one of them, though I don’t see her as much because she is very busy with extracurricular activities. Here is one of Claudia’s experiences this summer:

This past June, I was lucky enough to get to stay with a family in Guadeloupe for three weeks. It was amazing to be on the island–it felt like I was living in a post card! We went swimming almost every day and got to visit the pristine beaches, the lush tropical rainforest and the impressive volcano! My host family grew many native fruits in their yard, including mangos, star fruit, and coconuts! In the morning, we would often pick fresh mangos to eat for breakfast. We also (as you can guess) ate lots of fish that had been caught the same morning! A lot of the food had Indian spices because of the very large Indian population. One day, our family visited a smaller island, called Petite Terre, which is part of Guadeloupe. A friend of the family, Audie the fisherman, caught beautiful dorade and cooked it with colombo sauce for lunch. He kept telling everyone how delicious the fish eyes were. No one wanted to try it, but I thought, “When in Guadeloupe!” and decided to try. I tried two different fish eyes–one tuna eye, and one dorade eye. There was a big pocket of juice that had a sweet, salty, savory flavor that I enjoyed very much. I was glad I had been brave and I had impressed my host family!

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