my trip to Indiana : morel hunting

 I am not very knowledgeable with all the new technology .I have three young teachers from Whitemarsh High School helping me.On my own, i am successful in a uphazard lucky way..

I discovered a gentleman who is, not only an avid morel hunter, but a sculptor of wood structures in the shape of morels.Unfortunately we did not go to visit him .He  lives too far from my family, in Fort Wayne..An  eager lady discovered my search and contacted me saying that she loved hunting for morels and had a few.She added that she would be very happy to give them to me since i am a chef and I am French.She has fond nostalgic memories of her stay in Strassbourg.

My son, my grand daughter and i, went to visit her. We went into the woods and did not find any, ,except one, she had left in the ground, for me to pick up. How considerate and generous ! She said : it is not a good year ! not enough rain! The walk turned out to be so beautiful as we followed  a creek, running down below ,through a meadow ,near a small white church. I am working on different ways of using my morels either in a risotto or a bordeaux demi glace for a rack of lamb !! Bon appetit !


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