Bangkok: A princely dinner and a brioche demonstration in a pastry shop


Char grilled eggplant with shitake mushrooms, galangal dressing

Spicy beef soup with morning glory and fresh herbs

Coriander spring rolls, sauteed local garden vegetables on curry jasmine rice crust

Tamarind-scented pork ribs with watercress sauce


This was my first lesson as a student, now let’s go to my second lesson as a teacher.

My friend Ning knows a good little pastry shop near her house, and she wanted me to meet the owner.  The name of this place is in honor of Elvis Presley:  “Bake Me Tender”.  I met him and he wished to learn how to make brioche, so I asked him if he had a kitchen aid.  He said yes, at his home where he keeps most of his equipment.  So promptly the next day at  10 o’ clock I arrived in the kitchen of his house.  There were many women:  aunts, nieces, and two Burmese helpers.  So I started putting all the ingredients in order:  4 1/2 cups flour, 9 eggs, 1 lb. unsalted butter, 1 1/2 tbsp. yeast dissolved in a cup of hot water with sugar and a pinch of salt.  I put everything in the blender and kept whisking until the dough went up the paddle.  You let the dough rest and rise double its size, refrigerate, and the next day you can shape it as a long, brioche bread loaf or make individual brioches that you shape into the molds.  Let it rise to nearly half more their size, glaze them with beaten egg yolk and bake for 20 minutes at 415 fahrenheit.

Enjoy a big bite into a warm brioche.  It is heaven!

My new friend and family were very happy, and I’m invited next year for lesson number 2:  chocolate mousse.

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