Update on Cambodia! My exploits in Kmer Cooking…

Voila, le menu:

I worked on a great papaya salad with banana blossom. I prepared fresh spring rolls with shrimp and pork, and then Amok fish in coconut milk with ginger and lemon grass.

For dessert, I made mango with sticky rice and coconut cream.

On a different day, I prepared beef with red curry and coconut milk, and made pineapple nems  and crepes stuffed with fresh coconut.

It smelled so good and it was delicious too! All the dishes that I prepared were tasted by the guests at my friend’s house in Siem Reap.

The next culinary trip was in Pnomh Penh where we went to a very elegant colonial-style restaurant called “Romdeng”.  I am still salivating over prawns in crispy taroest with palm wine and honey vinaigrette, crunchy tarantulas served with lime and pepper sauce, pork rice stew with red ants (they do not taste like anything and they look like a speck of mushrooms), green mango salad with smoked fish and pomelo salad with fresh shrimp and toasted coconut.  We drank a nice Reisling from Alsace.  I was with a group of young, volunteer dental students working for a foundation.

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