I’m in Cambodia! Part 1 of my Trip

After a long journey from Philadelphia, through LA and Bangkok, here I am next to the palm trees and a cascade. I am in Siem Reap, a thriving town, full of tourists because of its Angkor Wat temples.

I have been coming here for 14 years because of the Angkor Hospital, which I helped build. It is financially supported by our group: Friends Without a Border.

I was met by my good friends from Angkor Village Hotel. I went to the hospital to see all the improvements in the different departments (radiology, etc…). Then, I walked the back streets, admiring the beautiful lotus flowers floating in the ponds, the smiles on people’s faces, and the friendly voices echoing in the hidden temple next to my room. I love to find a secluded corner and just sit and look at the ballet of the palm leaves in the breeze, oscillating and catching the pages in my book. I love the smells of the market, some pungent and some sweet. I am taking cooking classes in Kmer cuisine.

Next, I travel to Pnomh Penh, the capital of Cambodia.

Picture 1: by the river

Picture 2: at the Friends Without A Border Hospital (Angkor Hospital for Children)

Picture 3: I eat a grilled tarantula!!

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