Trip to South Carolina and Florida

I flew to Florence, South Carolina to visit my mother-in-law who is in a retirement home and is in very poor health. I went to be moral support to my sister-in-law. My sister-in-law and I drove down to Kingsville, Florida where I was dropped off to meet with a former student of mine 41 years ago. And to celebrate New Year’s Eve with him and his family. Ironically, I ended up in a retirement home for New Year’s Eve where he was playing in a band to entertain old couples dancing, eating, and drinking. It was a lot of fun and I thought it was a great way to share and feel about the new year.
Then I flew to Charleston, South Carolina to eat at Husk’s and MacGrady’s. Husk is the famous creation of Chef Sean Brock. Husk specializes in authentic southern menu in a return to the source to the fresh ingredients of the soil, the revival of old varieties of chicken and pigs, and the pride of the quality of the pigs meat making pates and sausages rivaling with the reputation of the French ones.
I took a side trip to Beaufort, South Carolina. It is a beautiful, small town with a historical center and a beautiful sea side promontory. My real reason for going there was a pilgrimage to a beautiful lady called Josephine Palacio, who used to be my land lady at the Spring Mill Cafe. When I first met her she arrived full speed in a sporty Mercury Cougar with dust all over the parking lot, rushing out of the car, welcoming me to a little fabric store. She was 75, very vivacious and bright. She moved to Beaufort, joining artist friends and unfortunately passed away a few years ago.


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