Michele in New York City for Two Children’s Exhibits

I love Ezra Jack Keats, and, since I have a grandchild–and I am a child myself!–I love children’s books and their illustrations. So it was a great excuse to go to the Jewish museum on Sunday, November 13 for Ezra Jack Keats’ family day in order to partake in an art workshop with Collage for Keats. I had a beautiful little girl help me with the colors.

After that, I went to the children’s museum to discover the inner child. The exhibit was called “EatSleepPlay: Building Health Every Day.” Normally, one would attend the exhibit with a child–so I was asked at security why I was coming alone. I replied, “Because I have a grandchild and I would love to see what is in this exhibit, to be able to share it with him, because he cannot come all the way from Indiana and be part of this whole experience.” …and I was let in. So, I crawled through the stomach and intestine in the huge model of the body, surrounded by curious young children. The model was interactive; as the article in the New York Times writes: “‘The stomach complains if it’s given junk or overstuffed.'” Please take a day to go with your children! The timing of the exhibit was excellent and coincided with a campaign by Michelle Obama called Let’s Move!.


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