Bastille Day at the Spring Mill Café

We always celebrate the National Holiday of France, which is on July 14 [it is like the American 4th of July]. I usually do something special as a surprise for the customers and staff of the café. This year, I dressed as Marie Antoinette in an authentic costume lent to me by a historical society, as well as the wig. I had a shoemaker recreate shoes to match the costume. I went to my Russian makeup artist, who powdered my face, as was the custom in 1787! I went to my hairdresser to fit the wig properly on my head, making sure it would not fall. I hired my distinguished British friend as my companion under the condition that he would find a vespa to travel from downtown to the Spring Mill Café. He was dressed the Duke Gaspard de Brabant of Provence. So, we started from 2ndand Locust, riding slowly and waving at the passers-by. We arrived at the café with beautiful weather. People were eating outside and were very surprised to see the queen arrive on a vespa! I had asked a waiter to wait for my knock on the door, and when I knocked, he opened it and announced “Sa majesté, la Reine Marie Antoinette et le Duke Gaspard de Brabant de Provence!” Everybody clapped and looked shocked. We had escargots de Bourgogne, rack of lamb à la moutarde, fromage de chèvre, and mousse au chocolat. We continued our celebration at a burlesque show called Marie Antoinette at Beau Monde. I recommend it!


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