Making Friends through Food

A month ago I received a very nice e-mail from my friend, Masako, who lives in Nagasaki. The story of how we met is beautiful. I was visiting Nagasaki for the first time two years ago and staying at the Holiday Inn. The manager was Masako. She heard me checking in and introduced herself as someone who loved France. We talked about food, my restaurant, and Slow Food. She said that the Holiday Inn chef was a Slow Food member, and would love to meet me! It took a day or two, and I was in the kitchen baking brioche talking in English. The chef was speaking Japanese, so we could not understand each other through our language but we understood each other perfectly through food. My luck continued in other cities. I was in a small town near the sea, sitting at the chef’s table. It was a French restaurant. The chef had been trained in Strasbourg, France, and he loved food and soccer. We talked about brioche, chocolate mousse, tarte aux prunes, and sauerkraut! I had a taste of the plum tart. They were very busy, so I helped with serving the desserts!


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