Photography Exhibition at Philadelphia Java Co.

My exhibition was to benefit Friends Without A Border, a hospital for children located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Liz Isaac-Herzog, one of my teachers, student at Plymouth Whitemarsh  High School, was in charge of hanging my photographs on the walls of the Philadelphia Java Company on 4th Street. On March 11, we held a reception from 6 to 8 pm. Lauren Bryant, another of my teachers, also a student at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, helped me with the chicken liver pate on baguette, assortment of French cheeses, soft drinks, and French wine. A well-loved customer of the Spring Mill Cafe and supporter of the arts, Mike Miles, came to check on the new photographs that I had taken and was generous in his support of the cause.

We went to a little second-hand-store and Lauren tried on a beautiful white dress for her graduation party. It looked gorgeous and fit perfectly! She tried the dress as a way to help me get a discount on a glass I wanted to buy, so we both were very succesful in the end–she got the dress for a third of the price and I got twenty percent off on my glass! A few days later, I was reading the New York Times. A similar dress was advertised for an exhorbitant price. I emailed Lauren immediately and she felt very good about her purchase! It made the evening very dream-like. Merci!

Liz hanging photographs

Lauren with balloons


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