Christmas and New Year 2010-2011: France, New Orleans, and Fort Wayne, Indiana


in New Jersey with my cousins. It is a tradition. I provide the wine, the cheeses, and the baguettes. They cook the rest. I go to a superb liquor store in Madison and I come with cases of good wine. We are around 12-15 people at the table and we have a traditional American Thanksgiving. We take a long walk to digest the gargantuan repast.  

Christmas Holidays in France.  

In France, my mother and I celebrated Christmas Eve with a friend that I had not seen in 45 years. We had a traditional Reveillon of oysters, boudin blanc, fricassee of pheasant with chestnut, and petits fours (tout cela arrosé de Champagne de Champigny et Champagne encore.) Christmas Day in a nice restaurant by the Loire river with Vouvray demi sec. We had a traditional Christmas dinner with foie gras, Sandre de la Loire, goose with chestnuts, bûche de Noël, et glace à la pistache.

New Year’s Eve and Beginning of New Year

Everybody was caught in the snow and I escaped by one day in one spot, and by one day in another spot. Everybody missed their plane and I never missed my plane. My friends who were supposed to meet me in New Orleans were stuck in Philadelphia. We eventually met up and the weather in New Orleans was much better. 

In New Orleans spent with friends with celebration every day from great private wine cellars to wine cellars. We ate at Dominique’s, a great new restaurant. The chef is from Mauritius Island. He may come to the Spring Mill Café and create a dinner with me. I enjoyed a special treat, I went to see the movie The King’s Speech and I sat in an extremely comfortable armchair with a waiter putting an ottoman under my feet, giving me a menu and a wine list. I had a glass of champagne, crackers and cheese, and The King’s Speech.

Late Christmas Celebration: January 20th I spent it with my older son and his family. It was perfect, peaceful. I played with my grandson Trevor. We played Kinect Adventures on Xbox, we played the game where you are sailing on a raft down a river with many obstacles. We cooked together pasta with creamy mushroom, braised beef with carrots and sweet potatoes, and crèpes flambées.


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