Talking about Vegetable Gardens

I was very pleased to be invited by Anne Hilton of the Random Garden Club of Chestnut Hill to one of their general meetings. It took place on Tuesday, September 14th on a beautiful sunny day.  The subject of the meeting was French gardens, in preparation for the flower show in 2011 where the theme is Paris gardens.  I talked to them about what you do with the vegetables that you grow in the garden.  Since I demonstrate different dishes at local farms, it was very fitting to introduce the seasonal dishes such as Ratatouille, Herb Sauces (Dill Sauce), and fruit and vegetable tarts (Rasberry, Apple).  I surprised everyone with a tarte tatin made with tomatoes.  The caramel suits beautifully with the acidity of the tomato.  Finally, I created a red beet tarte tatin.  Next, I talked about the famous vegetable garden of Villandry and took everybody on an imaginary tour of the chateaux of the Loire Valley.  I left them around 11:30 to prepare their lunch to be served at the Spring Mill Cafe. First, they enjoyed a tasting of pates and a cheese platter.  They choose the Omelette with Ratatouille for the main course and everybody voted for a little bit of each dessert.  We all had a great time with lots of laughs.


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