End of the Summer Events

  July 29, 2010 Main Line Today Best of the Main Line and Western Suburbs Party! 

I was the winner of The Best Taste of Provence of the Western suburbs competition.  Therefore, I participated in the Main Line Today Best fair. I set up a booth with pâté tasting of country pâté, chicken liver pâté, and rillettes. I was assisted by Eric Bonaparte who is my faithful partner of many years when we do special events. I thank the Main Line Today Best for making it possible and to see many of my customers enjoy the pâtés again. 

August 14, Maple Acres Farm

I did a crêpe making demonstration degustation so as people are shopping for gorgeous vegetables and fruits they pass by me and have a taste of the savory crêpe with ratatouille or sweet crêpe with fresh raspberries and whipped cream. And I served these delicious crêpes from 11:30 to 1:30. It was a pleasure to work with Gary and Penny.
Maple Acres Farm is a beautiful farm located in Plymouth Meeting on Narcissus Road. 

August 22, Haitian Festival to benefit Men Apil, a new foundation created by Dr. Moriconi of Abington Hospital to help children in Haiti. 

It was a superb two part program with crayfish extravaganza from 3-6. The crayfish was donated by Rick and Curt Josiassen and Chris was the chef. We had a superb marching band from Camden called the Brass Heaven New Orleans Brass Jazz Band (six piece band) After a New Orleans style parade, magically the rain stopped at 5:30 pm sharp. Afterwards we heard beautiful meditative music from Randy Sutin on the flute, with Mariane Sutin. 

Then part two continued at 6:30 with a formal Haitian dinner. Doc Gibbs with Orrin Evans on piano and Sherri Butler performed.  We did not forget Abbey Lincoln who had just passed away. We had an auction and we raised over one thousand dollars to help start a dentist lab  in a hospital in Porte Au Prince Haiti thanks to Dr. Moriconi from Abington Hosptial!

September 2, Paella Valenciana Demonstration Dinner

It was in a new format. It took place in the farm house. The guest students were working hard at the stove practicing their skills. Then we sat down and enjoyed very flavorful dinner.

September 8&9 Rosh Hashanah Celebration 

This year we were very lucky to have groups fly in from Florida to join their relatives so we had a very family feeling at the café with children babbling away. The menu was chicken soup with matzo balls, choice of brisket with Bordelaise sauce or Moroccan chicken, orange cake, coffee or tea. They were two beautiful evenings. Thank you for being there and sharing.



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