Early June 2010

I was very excited to be one of the Dames Escoffier invited to the gathering of American Chefs at the White House. It was part of a program created by Michelle Obama to help the quality of food served in the public schools of the United States. I did not physically participate because I had a prior commitment in France with Slow Food Touraine. It involved working with the local farmers near Tours and the local cheese makers. But I signed in with the White House program to provide for a year good healthy dishes to the Laurel House Shelter in Norristown, PA.

In addition I spent a rewarding afternoon in Port Marly near Paris in Alexander Dumas chateau. I learned about the different costumes made for the plays written by Monsieur Dumas. I was also very lucky to be involved in a costume workshop in Moulins near Clermont Ferrand. It was taking place at the National Museum of Costumes and I observed people restoring the costume worn by Maria Callas for the role of Norma in the opera by Bellini.

I visited my mother for Mother’s Day. I took her to a nice restaurant near Vouvray nestled in the rocks. We met an interesting gentleman who used to be a diamond cutter then became a racecar driver at the 24 hours of Le Mans. He now owns a bed and breakfast and is a very devoted, knowledgeable gardener. If you like to have a beautiful country in room with a garden view with fragrant roses contact me and I will help you.


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