All Cooking Demonstrations Leading to New Experiences

Our Last demonstration was a combination of music, history and food.  We were celebrating Chopin year with beautiful songs sung by Rachael Garcia, a graduate from the Curtis Institute with a menu following George Sand’s taste in special Loire Valley dishes. George Sand knew how to please a guest, and Chopin was a favorite.  I enjoyed demonstrating a beautiful cherry tart with Creme Anglaise and raspberry sauce.  So I am inviting you to our next demonstrations.  The first one being a Morrocan Wedding Dinner in the middle of Berber country with a B’esteya pie demonstration. This will be held on Wednesday, June 16th at 7 Pm with  dinner to follow which will be Tajine aux Pruneaux, B’esteya Marocaine, and Orange wedding cake with mint tea.  The second one being a visit to Marseille following the fishermen in the harbor and preparing a Bouillabaisse in front of your eyes.  The menu will be cucumber salad with dill vinaigrette, Bouillabaisse a la Michele,  Coupe de sorbets, and coffee or tea.  The date will be Wednesday, July 7th at 7 PM. Call 610-828-2550 for reservations.



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