September 30- Paris

Liliane MullerParis Secret GardenFacade 1

I was invited by Chef Patrick Terrien to attend one of his classes at the Le Cordon Bleu school . He is originally from Tours where my mother lives, so we had a lot to talk about.  I love his presentation and his style.  We decided that in the spring I would come back and give a lecture on the role of Slow Food in helping people eat and live a better life. 

I visited an upcoming part of Paris called Menilmontant.  I visited an art gallery tucked away at the end of a garden. It was not officially open, but I was lucky to be let in by one of the exhibiting artists. She turned out to be the former wife of a chef in New York City. Her name is Liliane Muller and she creates extravagant bracelets. We talked about food and travel and I mentioned ex-Yugoslavia in particular Montenegro where my father’s father’s family lived. She smiled and invited me to an exhibition of her artwork at the private residence of Prince Nicholas II of Montenegro. Later, she took me to her mentor Micky Engel who has a beautiful gallery in the Marais. Micky’s husband Nissan was the creator of the beautiful stained glass at a Hebrew congregration on Parks Heights Ave. in Baltimore, Maryland which I hope to visit soon.  We parted looking forward to meeting again at Prince Nicholas’s House in November.


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