Unexpected Musical Experience!

I had an appointment for an MRI at 8:30 pm one day some weeks ago. I was not taken to the procedure until quarter of ten pm. A very nice nurse walked me through the corridors to an outside pathway in the dark and told me to be very careful with my steps. We climbed onto a moving lift to enter a big truck like bus. She told me to remove all metal objects. I was put into a long white cage. I felt like an astronaut though I have never been to the moon! She warned me there would be very loud sounds and she disappeared. And indeed the very loud sounds started. In order not to be scared and worried, I thought of the beautiful instrument used by the Aboriginal people of Australia called the didjeridu. This way I had a beautiful trip, more or less, in the cage. She promised me that she would talk to me every ten minutes. After and hour and ten minutes she said she had to do it again to make sure it was correct. And then she forgot to talk to me. I was worried wondering where she went to since I felt locked in. But finally she came, took me out, I asked her if she was alone and she said yes. I replied that for safety purposes in case she had an emergency there should be two people in the mobile truck since nobody would have been able to get me out of the cage. We left the truck and went down the lift. She asked me if I needed a security guard to walk me back to the parking lot. I declined; I would be fine walking in the rain, thinking of the didjeridu and having a big smile on my face. The moral of the story is when you find yourself in a difficult situation, think of something beautiful and entertaining and you will be fine.


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