May 2009- Paris, France and Lake Maggiore, Italy

My trip to France was very exciting. In Paris, I had a nice lunch of a glass of champagne and rabbit stew with an Italian friend of mine from Lake Maggiore, Italy whom I met a few years ago in a night train from Milan. We were delayed for 7 hours in a tunnel across the Alps because of heavy snow. We had ample time to get acquainted. After lunch I promised to visit her in Lake Maggiore the following week.  I continued my catching up with a friend from Japan. She does beautiful work with different kinds of materials; weaving, patching, sowing in different types of colors.  I thought I was floating through veils and veils of gorgeous fabric, hanging from hooks, doorways, window bays, garden furniture and wedding gowns. We had lunch in a rustic auberge – crudités platter and Boeuf Bourguignon.

A couple days later I helped a group of journalists celebrate their friendship with a big buffet, making my famous rillettes and my chicken liver paté with truffles. I also visited the Cordon Bleu school where I hope to present a project and take a few wine courses in the fall.
In Tours I met with my mother and I worked on a project with EuroGusto – Slow Food Europe for a European Food Fair at the end of November.


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