My Trip to Japan

I went to Japan with great excitement. After 30 years, I reconnected with a former GFS student of mine. I was his guest. When I arrived in Tokyo I was bewitched by the city. It is both peaceful and full of frenzy, all at the same time. Tokyo has a superb public transportation system. Their subway is one of the most efficient, modern and clean sources of transportation in the world. There are 13 different color coded lines. I took the oblong loop on which I was able to see the entire city in 1 hour.  I stopped in the Shinjuku District and headed in the rain to the Park Hyatt Hotel where I continued to the top floor (85th). Despite the heavy rain, I had a magnificent view of the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. I continued to the Harajuku Shopping District. It is famous for “Fruit Fashion,” a term used to describe the unusual and colorful ways that young people dress in. 

A Kaiseki experience – A 10 to 15 course formal Japanese dinner, served in a private room. I was fortunate to be treated to such an elegant meal: Beverages –  Sake, White Wine, and Green Tea. Menu – Snail in a seaweed sauce, Shrimp and Clam in a Ginger Custard, Grilled Fish with light plum sauce, Crayfish Mousseline, Apple Gratin, Miso Soup with Rice Cake,  Pickled Vegetables with rice, Strawberry Chocolate Apple Mousse, Creme Anglaise with green tea ice cream. The food is served in beautiful china dishes, on colorful straw mats which corresponded to the color of the dish. The server was dressed in traditional Japanese attire. A different server pours Sake, wine and tea. They are entirely devoted to your service for about 2 and a half hours. I was in heaven.


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