Traveling meets travels

Traveling meets travels
Traveling means people
Here I am in Thailand visiting my friend of many years Ning
She used to work for me at the café baking marvelous brioches
She was a student at the former College of Textiles at the time. She graduated and since she felt homesick she went back home.
I go every year to Cambodia helping a hospital for children and I stop in Bangkok on my way to visit with her.
Last year I was very lucky to be invited by her aunt to attend her cousin s wedding in southern Thailand.
There I stayed in a small hotel and met a very attractive young lady from Italy.

We became friends and traveled around together.
She invited me to visit with her and her family
I was very lucky that it was in Alba, the capital of the white truffle and the White Truffle Fair. South of Alba is the town of Bra where the Slow Food Movement was created. What an extraordinary coincidence it was since I had just returned from the Slow Food Nation gathering in San Francisco.

Slow Food Nation - San Fransisco

Slow Food Nation - San Fransisco

In Alba I registered to the Fair
I visited my friend s parents who took me to a sheep cheese farm where I learnt how to make sheep cheese

Eating in Alba

Eating in Alba

I gathered chestnuts in the forest and picked grapes for the famous Barolo wine

Michele and Barolo Wine Owner

Michele and Barolo Wine Owner

I went to a snail farm but the snails were hibernating.

Escargot Farm Owner

With her father I went for the truffle hunt
No white truffle hunt!
It is a secret as far as the location
It is diamond in the ground
It came to be 5000 dollars a kilo
Therefore we were looking for black truffles, we found two.
I was very lucky to bring them to the café


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